I have been to Pandawa Beach a few times and recently I discovered Roosterfish Beach Club, a new seaside day club in South Bali.

The souhern part of Bali, Uluwatu is well known for its scenic cliffside ocean views and beaches. It is a popular area in Bali for vacation goers as there are a number of new resorts that have recently been built. Set just by the beach, Roosterfish Beach Club is located at the very South of Bali.

Girl on daybed at a beach club in Bali, Roosterfish Beach Club
Beach vibes at Roosterfish Beach Club! The day club area is very spacious and I really liked large day beds where you can just chill and relax under the shade.

Newly built seaside venue that’s perfect for those tropical chill by the beach moments. Ideal while having a cocktail and listening to modern lounge music. And it’s on my “Instagrammable Places in Bali” list, so don’t forget your camera because this place will make your friends on Instagram blush!

Roosterfish Beach Club at Pandawa Beach, Uluwatu, Bali
Roosterfish Beach Club is set by the beach, from here you have a cool infinity pool view. I like how the pool blends with the ocean.

Ocean-view Cocktails and Food

Food is definitely worth a mention with a nice selection of western dishes with a twist. And it is presented on wooden platters. As for the price you can have main courses like chili crab pizza for about $11 USD or a beef steak sandwhich ($9.30). That is quite affordable for a new ocean view beach club.

Steak sandwhich, nachos and pizza at Roosterfish Beach Club
There is a nice selection of western dishes with a twist, for example the unique chili crab pizza ($11.35 USD) and nachos el grande sambal matah ($11.35 USD). And the Australian beef steak sandwich ($9.30 USD) was tender, juicy and delicious.

When the food arrived I changed seats closer to the beach. Needless to say it was a joy listening to the sound of waves and having dinner. You can actually see this moment in my Renaissance Uluwatu Bali Youtube video or article.

Food at a Pandawa beach, Roosterfish Beach Club in Bali
A great spot to enjoy an afternoon lunch right by the sea, and listen to the sound of waves.

Directions to Roosterfish Beach Club