If you’re looking for some of the best Uluwatu has to offer, Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is a perfect staycation destination.

In my Youtube video and my write-up you can learn more about the Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa, food and the beachside hangout place Roosterfish where you can hangout during daytime!

Agnes Highlights (the 10 second review):

  • New luxury hotel in Uluwatu, Bali
  • Trendy and modern room design
  • Staff is genuinely happy and helpful
  • It’s on my “Best Breakfast Buffet in Bali” list
  • You won’t be disappointed, I can’t wait to go back
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Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa Review

In tropical countries I truly enjoy the open air architecture, at the Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa the high ceilings lobby (pictured bottom left) overlooks the entire resort, and once you step out on the terrace you can see the ocean in the distance (pictured bottom right).

After check-in it was time to head to the room. The check-in process was fairly quick and stuff was attentive when I arrived, the luggage was immediately collected and delivered to the suite. I think that the check-in experience can vary depending on what time you arrive so if there are many people arriving at the same time you are bound to have some wait time.

Junior Suite Garden View, Balcony

Once I got my keycard it was to time to head to the room. Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is a rather large resort so the first time you go to your room there will likely be someone to show you the way. And luckily, it was very convenient that my room was on the same floor as the main pool area and the restaurant where breakfast is served so jumping in an out of the suite to the pool area was a breeze throughout my stay. You can see this segment in my Youtube video as well.

Junior Suite Garden View Bedroom at Renaissance Uluwatu Bali
The bedroom area felt airy and bright. I like how they added small design elements such as the bamboo lamps, reminiscent of Balinese type of handiwork
Bedroom at Renaissance Uluwatu Bali
Another view of the bedroom area, notice there are two TV’s, if you feel like watching a movie in the evening from bed or if you are just having coffee or a meal by the bar.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is a newly built hotel so I was excited to see the room. I imagined it would have all the modern amenities you would expect and I was happy to see that the rooms surpassed my expectations.

Typically, most hotels built a “run of the mill” square suite, desk on one end, bed on the other and a washroom. But this suite was different, as you enter you see a rather modern design bedroom, trendy furniture that perfectly fits the “Bali vibe”, then there is a bar in the center of the room, between the washroom and the bedroom. It felt more like a modern apartment then just another suite.

Living room area at Renaissance Uluwatu Bali
The bar counter was very unique compared to most other resorts and it made for a neat living and dining area. One evening during my stay I’ve ordered room service for dinner, turned on the music and poured red a glass of red wine! It felt like you’re chilling at home in a hip apartment.
Luxury hotel in Bali
And the unique approach to suite design continues over to the bathroom are as well. Notice how the suite feels spacious due to the rooms U-shape design. The bathroom is of just the perfect size, with his and hers washbasin and a mirror that has built in make up light.
Luxurious bathtub at hotel in Bali, Renaissance Uluwatu Bali
And then there is this absolutely beautifully placed bathtub. From this room you also have complete privacy so you don’t need to close the shutters to enjoy a foamy bath. It looks almost unreal doesn’t it?! And on a sunny day when the clouds clear you can even see Mount Batur in the far distance, just imagine a beautifully placed mountain behind the tropical trees, visible all the way from Northern Bali. And on a sunny day when the clouds clear you can even see Mount Batur in the far distance, just imagine a beautifully placed mountain behind the tropical trees, visible all the way from Northern Bali.

Room Service Dinner

After a day of activities by the pool and beach club (more on that later) I was very hungry. Once I showered I just wanted to relax in the room so I’ve opened some wine, turned on some relaxing music and ordered room service. Some of the recommended dishes from the menu were Angus Burger and Fish & Chips. Both meals were served quickly, while still warm and on nice serving plates. Burger and Fish & Chips always seem to be such simple dishes but it is often hard to experience once that stand out.

The Angus burger was very tasty and perfectly cooked, medium just as I have ordered it. The only thing I would improve upon is to make the egg more runny so that the egg yolk juices ooze out once you bite into it. Fish & Chips was also surprisingly tasty, some can be quite oily and doughy but what I liked about theirs was the very very thin and crispy crust, and the fish was tasty, steaming and juicy.

Room service dinner at Renaissance Uluwatu Bali
Just by looking at this photo it makes me want to go back

The Pool

The very next morning I woke up very early to go for a walk around the resort and also take pictures before other guests were up. If you like to swim for exercise then the large main swimming pool will definitely be large enough to do laps. The early morning felt so very peaceful, whether you would like to have an early morning dip, sit or have coffee near the pool area.

And to my surprise on this day you could see Mount Batur (see picture below) in the far North Bali, I had just arrived from North Bali before arriving to Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa and I remembered driving much closer to the mountain and taking photos of it also during sunrise.

Swimming pool at Renaissance Uluwatu Bali
The next morning I woke very early to take pictures around the resort while there are no other guests around. It must have been around 7am while I was taking these photos.
Luxury swimming pool in Bali
Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa has two large swimming, pictured here and in the previous picture is the main, largest swimming pool. Further below in the post you there is a photo of the second swimming pool.
Mount Batur in Bali
Far in the distance is an amazing view of Mount Batur, located in Northern Bali. It almost looks like it was photoshopped right?
Showers at luxury swimming pool in Bali
Tropical Vibes! Showers and palm trees by the pool side at the main swimming pool area.
Chapel at Renaissance Uluwatu Bali
The second swimming pool is located by the bronze wedding chapel, since the resort is rather large I think it is convenient thats guests who are staying a few floors away from the main pool can can go for a quick swim here. I have also noticed that during daytime most guests stay by the larger main swimming pool so if you would like a bit more privacy, and less noise I would recommend you to try this swimming pool.

The Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfast things to do when staying at a large resort is to choose favorite foods and make my own breakfast dish. And boy was I impressed with the breakfast at Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa. Their breakfast deserves a gallery of its own and several pictures further below are just a glimpse of what’s on offer.

This breakfast is one of the best if not the best hotel buffet breakfast in Bali. What sets it apart is the high quality of ingredients, variety and creativity in how the food is presented and served. For example, there is not just one type of muesli, but several, also several types of yogurts including coconut yogurt, then almond milk, cashew milk, soya milk and the list goes on. Then a very nice selections of cheeses and cold cuts, including my favorite, parma ham! Imagine this, you can also request freshly sliced avocado! (I know, I am getting too excited)

And there is also a large selection of bakery, different types of freshly baked crispy croissants, cakes, crepes, muffins and more. If you are a foodie and really want to enjoy a varied and quality breakfast every day during your holiday in Bali then Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa receives my personal recommendation, I truly look forward to staying there again just for the breakfast alone. Watch my Renaissance Uluwatu Youtube video to see more of the breakfast selections.

Best Croissant in Bali
Crispy, flaky and freshly baked croissants, the best I’ve had while in Bali. Leave a comment below if you have a recommendation for a bakery shop that serves great croissants!
Best bakeries in Bali
Croissants, muffins and other bakery are all freshly made and baked every day
Best breakfast buffet in Bali
Renaissance Uluwatu leveled up the buffet breakfast game for the whole island and it goes into my “Best Buffet Brekfast in Bali” list. Where else can you get freshly sliced avocado, parma ham, many varieties of non-dairy milks, granolas and more!

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