Wyndham Jivva Bali (Hotel Mamanya Nagita Slavina) is a popular seaside resort that is famous in Indonesia for being co-owned by one of the countries well known celebrities Nagita.

Wyndham Jivva Resort (Hotel Mamanya Nagita Slavina) is located in Klungkung on Bali’s East coast. Specific to this location is the black sandy beach that is believed to have originated from the lava from Bali’s most famous volcano, Mount Agung. In addition, the resort is well known in Indonesia as it is co-owned by Nagita Slavina’s celebrity family with tens of millions of followers on social media .

Hotel MAMANYA NAGITA SLAVINA | Pool Suite Ocean Front King

Watch my YouTube video to see the Pool Suite Ocean Front King room tour at the Wyndham Jivva Bali.

Floating Breakfast

Hotel MAMANYA NAGITA SLAVINA Bali Floating Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort


Jivva Beach Club | Seaside Restaurant at Wyndham Jivva

A girl at a beach club in Bali
“Bali vibes”
Jivva Beach Club at Hotel MAMANYA NAGITA SLAVINA
Jivva Beach Club serves a variety of local and international dishes
Jivva Beach Club at Hotel MAMANYA NAGITA SLAVINA
Fresh grilled seafood

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