Andaman sea is famous for its turquoise beaches perfect for sunbathing, dipping into the sea, snorkeling and my favorite, great spots for photography. And during the cold Winter times it makes for a great holiday destination to unwind, island hopping and enjoy the tropics.

Longtail boats can be privately hired to visit nearby islands. Compared to a large speed boat they are slower and typically only go to nearby islands but add a sense of adventure as you get splashed when going through choppy waters.

Speedboat tours are the most popular choice for visits to nearby islands. I would recommend hiring a longtail boat instead and visiting 1-2 island and spending several hours on each because the speedboat trip seems rushed and you typically get to spend only thirty minutes on each island.

Beaches at Koh Poda island are just like out of a travel brochure. Although do keep in mind that beaches tend to get crowded during day time with numerous boats brining in tourists.

Popularized by Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach”, Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi is likely the most visited beach in on the Andaman sea. While it is beautiful your experience may vary depending on season, there could be hundreds of boats swarming it.

When you find your piece of paradise (Maya Bay).