Venice is among most popular tourist destinations in the world and most likely on everyone’s must visit bucket list. As such the city us bustling with tourists during high season which make it a somewhat less of an intimate experience but it is definitely worth the visit because of its rich history.

If you are traveling through the Mediterranean a good day trip option to visit Venice is by boat from Rovinj.

No matter where you are in Venice, most likely you will pass through St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco). I would recommend you venture out further away and discover the small streets with cafes and restaurants with much more reasonable prices.

Venice is made up of over 100 tiny islands which are interconnected with numerous bridges and canals.

Picturesque Venice is a photographer’s dream (minus the crowds).

Whenever you’re visiting a place for the first time it seems that there are so many things to see but so little time.

I’ve stumbled upon a neat little deli, great for a short break, quick bite and in proper Italian fashion a glass of wine along with some food.

Perfect for lunch on the go, al Merca serves a variety of sandwiches.

There is a variety of wines by the glass on offer.

There are many moments when you feel like you have seen this scene in a movie or on a canvas.