The Mocca Canggu is one of my favorite coffee shops to spend an afternoon noon at when visiting Bali

The Mocca Canggu is a colorful open air instagrammable coffee shop in Bali that serves some of my favorite healthy meals like the salmon poke bowl, chia bowl and other vegan food goodness. For non vegans there is also a delicious Mocca Burger that is served with charcoal buns!

Food and coffee at the mocca canggu
Look at this colorful and pretty lunch, what to have first!?
Instagrammable cafe in Bali the Mocca Canggu Bali
Once I arrived, I went upstairs to find a table, instantly in love with this open air seating area on 2nd floor.

Besides the very tasty and menu there are many spots to take colorful photos in The Mocca Canggu is definitely on my “Best Instagrammable Cafes in Bali”. If you are visiting Canggu for the first time you can plan to spend there the afternoon over coffee or lunch, and for the evening time there are number of bars to hangout at.

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl at the Mocca Canggu
Blueberry Smoothie Bowl, another healthy option besides the Rainbow chia with all natural goodness. Blueberry smoothie topped with blueberry, raspberry, kiwi, granola, and coconut cream.

Directions to The Mocca