A popular fashion company from Korea opened its second branch in Thailand named Stylenanda Pink Hotel Bangkok / Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe Bangkok which quickly become a must-visit stop for fashion and make-up lovers.

Stylenanda Store in Bangkok

The Stylenanda Pink Hotel & Pool Cafe in Bangkok is actually a fashion and make-up store is located at Siam Square Soi 5. On the top floor there is a coffee shop serving colourful cotton candy desserts. It is no wonder the Seoul based company chose Bangkok for its second branch as there are many travellers and locals who love cute themed cafes and shops. The Thai capital is already home to a Hello Kitty Cafe and a Unicorn cafe.

Girl in front of Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe (store) in Bangkok
Stylenanda’ store in Bangkok is located at Siam Square, Soi 5, a walking distance from Siam BTS station and Siam Paragon. And keep in mind that some places list the store as “Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe” or “Style Nanda Hotel Bangkok” but it is actually the same place so don’t get confused.
Girl at Stylenanda Pink Pool Hotel store in Bangkok
Founded originally in Korea, Stylenanda is actually a make-up and fashion store with a unique pastel tropical feel design

The Pink Hotel & Pink Pool Cafe serves unique smoothies and coffee that is decorated with unicorn color cotton candy. And you can also see people taking photos at the cafe area floor, clothes and accessories are on ground floor and second floor.

Girl at Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe in Bangkok (Pink Pool Hotel)
Stylenanda was widely popularized in Bangkok as one the most Instagrammable places

You can tell that they took extra effort to decorate each corner, many shops nowadays plan to make their store “Instagrammable” to get “free advertising” on social media and to attract customers.

Directions to Stylenanda Pink Hotel Bangkok & Pink Pool Cafe

To learn more about Stylenanda products click here to visit their website.